Congratulations Yuzuru Hanyu for winning gold in the 2014 World Figure Skating Championship! Also to runner ups, Tatsuki Machida and Javier Fernandez, and everyone who participated!




On hiatus for probably 2 more weeks

Really sorry for being on hiatus for almost 2 months. I’ve been really tired lately bc of school. But I’ll be back as soon as summer vacation starts~


Playing with Yuzuru this morning.” by. Denis Ten’s Instagram

Anonymous :
Do you still have the full picture of that adorable icon of yours? :D

I actually got it from somewhere else, but here’s the exact same picture~ ^^

Yuzuru Hanyu - Romeo And Juliet EX 2014


Chibi Yuzu >ㅅ<

Team B.orser in suits


Kawaii ♥


You guys (and also my blog lol) deserve a better edit after that horrible edit I posted last night.  Also, no one can have too much of Maozu ^-^